Before since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us be thankful, and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe, for our "God is a consuming fire."
Hebrews 12:28-29


You are invited to prepare for next Sunday’s gathered worship by reading and meditating on (and memorizing a verse or two) the Scripture texts we’ll be covering:  Genesis 18:1-14; Psalm 1; Colossians 1:21-29; Luke 10:38-42






Each week throughout the summer, Sunday School children can enjoy a "Superbook" Bible Story video plus an activity in the commons. The stories are different each week!  It is a perfect time to invite friends or relatives to visit!  Parents are welcome to attend with their children!  The topic for July 7  is "Peter and Cornelius”  See you in Sunday School!



You’re a mom with at least one boy in the house. But maybe those dreams of a special bond with your little man aren’t turning out quite the way you’d hoped.  Your son is 5 years old, and you can’t understand how every game has to turn into a loud, rambunctious battle that drives you crazy.  Your son is 12, and suddenly he doesn’t want to hug you anymore – in fact, he’d prefer that you drop him off a block from school instead of at the door.  Your son is 16, and if you can get a response out of him at all it’s probably just a one-syllable grunt.  You’re a single parent and you’re wondering how you can be both mom and dad.  If you identify with any of these scenarios, veteran pediatrician Dr. Meg Meeker has some encouraging suggestions for you.  Listen to today’s Focus on the Family® Broadcast to hear Dr. Meg explain how moms can relate to sons at any age.    



The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod has developed resources to help identify, understand and intervene appropriately in cases of domestic violence.  It is important to identify the warning signs that domestic violence is occurring in a relationship or marriage.  It is also helpful to understand the causes and consequences of domestic violence, including its effects on the perpetrator, on the victim, on the children in the family, and on schools and churches.  It is necessary to intervene when you confront domestic violence as it is happening or when you learn that it has occurred in the past.  You can access those materials here: One of the most important resources there is a training manual on domestic violence.  For more resources and information on training in this issue, contact parish nurse Chris Blanke atThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.








The Rev. Dr. Matthew C. Harrison, having received 51.76 percent of the votes cast, is the president-elect of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS) for a fourth term of office, 2019–2022.  The candidates for the office of president were the three ordained ministers who received the highest number of votes in the nominations process and who consented to serve if elected. The three nominees for Synod president were Harrison; the Rev. Dr. David P.E. Maier, president of the LCMS Michigan District; and the Rev. Timothy M. Klinkenberg, senior pastor of St. John’s Lutheran Church, Orange, Calif.  The voters in the presidential election were the 6,449 pastoral and lay voters validly registered by the congregations and parishes of the Synod (Bylaw  The results of the ballot tallied and reported to the secretary of the Synod by Election-America are as follows:  Harrison was voted president-elect with 3,014 votes (51.76 percent); Maier received 2,323 votes (39.89 percent); and Klinkenberg received 486 votes (8.35 percent).  For more information about the convention or candidates, please see



The Nebraska District office invites everyone to come join us on Sunday, August 25 from 1-5 for an open house. Come see the renovations that you, through your generous gifts, have made possible. Enter our new ADA complaint entry, see the boardroom that our district congregations and schools can request to use, see our expanded archives. District President Rev. Rich Snow and our District staff will be there to greet you and give you a tour.  If you aren't available that Sunday, stop by when you are in Seward and say hello! (152 S. Columbia Avenue). 



In praise and thanksgiving to God, we are celebrating 50 years of His faithfulness to us in 20019.  On Saturday, September 7th, we will serve the Waverly community from 9am to Noon (more details to come).  Then on Sunday, September 8th, we will worship together at 10:30am, and then enjoy a celebration meal with entertainment immediately following. "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever" Hebrews 13:8 





Mike Herring, Team Leader

“… you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth."  Acts 1:8

LOCAL (“Jerusalem”)


This is addressed to anyone who volunteered to be a part of the 4th of July FunFest, and for those that kept me in their prayers as I took on this process for the first time.  Before coming to Pastor with my interest in this event, I had been struggling to find the motivation and drive that I always had for hard work, and new challenges. With my grandpa passing away in May, I had been struggling to overcome one of the hardest things that I think humans have to face: grief. Losing my grandpa left me in a darker place in life; a confused place where I had a hard time seeing the light that God was shining on me and my family. When it became known that this event needed a new leader, I saw a glimmer of that light again. To me, this was God's way of putting back that drive and motivation in my heart. I have always loved a challenge, and after praying and thinking, I felt that this task, was part of God's plan for me. Being only 19, I'm sure some had doubts of my ability to coordinate an event of this magnitude, as I had those doubts myself. However, the constant feeling of grace that I felt, and the constant feeling of being prayed over, brought so much peace to my heart. I want to extend my deepest gratitude to everyone who helped me through this process, even if it was just a simple text asking if there was anything to volunteer for. I could not have successfully completed this task without God's grace, and without the love and support of Pastor, and this congregation. I am forever grateful, and I look forward to continuing this position for years to come. With my deepest thanks to you all, Haleigh Benson 



REGIONAL (“Judea")


While relief efforts have been in progress around our state, the largest concentrated relief is happening in the Fremont area. Good Shepherd Lutheran Church of Fremont, NE has received a $135,000 grant from The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod to become a staging site for volunteer work groups offering assistance to individuals in Fremont and the surrounding communities.  Project Restore is a result of that effort and can be found here:  Now underway, Project Restore is ready to put volunteers to work.  Project Restore NEEDS YOU!  How can I help?  Clean-up and restoration work.  Sign up using  : and encourage your friends to help be the hands and feet of Christ’s Church as we serve those in need. Another way:  Provide gift cards of all kinds:  Big Box store cards Home Depot, Menards, Lowes), gas cards, Wal-Mart, Target, pre-paid Visa cards, or anything similar in a card form is most welcome.  Cards are portable, require little space, and are easily distributed to the people who need them most, so they are an efficient way of providing aid.  Donations of hard goods are difficult to work around, may not answer the specific needs, and ultimately demand the attention of workers who could be providing direct assistance. If you have other things you’d like to offer or share, don’t hesitate to contact Project Restore at (402) 721-8412 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have specific items you wish to donate to the cause.  Thank you for your willingness to serve your neighbors of the Nebraska District LCMS.


US (“Judea") 


“Dear Precious Child, you are receiving this gift because you are loved. You are loved by the person who prepared this box. More importantly, you are loved by Jesus.” Grace Lutheran Church, Norfolk sends this note in each Orphan Grain Train Christmas box. The children around the world who receive these boxes rarely receive any gifts. Some do not even own a pencil. Some do not know the Christmas story. Their goal this year is to share 1000 gift boxes through Orphan Grain Train this Christmas.  You can help them fill these boxes using monetary gifts or donations of clothes and toys. Each box contains a t-shirt, socks, underwear, coloring book, stickers, crayons, ball, toothbrush, stuffed animal, and toy. The boxes are for children ages 2 to 12. They are collecting new underwear, new socks, 24 count boxes of crayons, coloring books, pages of stickers, plastic and rubber balls, and toothbrushes in individual packages. Used items to be donated include t-shirts, stuffed animals, and toys including dolls, Barbies, blocks (Legos, Duplos, wooden), and children’s puzzles. Items and monetary donations (marked “Grace Lutheran Christmas Box Project”) can be sent to Orphan Grain Train or Grace Lutheran Church, Norfolk, NE. They are collecting donations through August 15th. If you have any questions, contact Kelly Asbury at 402-371-3521. You can help these children know they are precious and Jesus is the greatest gift of all!


WORLD  (ends of the earth)


After a long hiatus, the Wayeyi Bible Translation Project Advisory Committee has begun to meet again. The committee's active involvement is crucial to the forward momentum of the translation project, especially when it comes to community checking and review. Additionally, a very successful community checking workshop took place this month with our translators, Keene and Mots in the lead.   The Shekgalagari project had a reviewers workshop on the book of Revelation. From our western point of view, it started slow, with speeches and introductions that lasted almost the whole morning. We had an entire, complicated book to get through, for heaven's sake! Cutting off the speeches in order to "get to work," however, would have been detrimental to the project. Decisions are reached by consensus, not majority in Bakgalagari culture. Because all of the attendees were given the opportunity to speak, the community made an important decision to set aside their differences in opinion about orthography (writing system) and focus on the Word of God. This month, we are enjoying a visit from Carl's brother Caleb and Caleb's wife, Kelsey (yes, another Kelsey Grulke). We are loving having family around and showing them some of Botswana's beauty. Living in such beautiful spot on earth is amazing.  We thank God for placing us so close to a unique corner of his creation-where the Okavango delta meets the Kalahari dessert. Botswana is mostly covered by desert. It's not like the American Southwest where sand spreads out as far as the eye can see, but rather it is considered a desert because of the small amount of rainfall it gets. There are actually quite a number of trees, bushes and plants all throughout the country. But because it is a desert, there are lots of ways to talk about desert related things in the languages here: levels of heat, sun and sand all have multiple words and phrases that can be used to refer to them. One of my favorite idioms in Shekgalagari has to do with being thirsty. To say that you are thirsty, you say "bolewa ke leatji", which literally means that you are being killed by the sun. Such an apt phrase for what the sun is doing to you in the middle of the desert here!  When we meet with speakers of Shekgalagari and talk about the Bible translation project, almost all of them are very excited to hear about what we are doing. They are even more excited when I can show them some of the published materials that we have produced. They love to read the words for themselves and usually can't help but smile when they are doing so. They are truly thirsty for the Word of God in their own language. Please pray for the Bakgalagari people that their thirst for God's Word might be filled with the results of our projects here, the Bible in Shekgalagari for the first time!  Keep us in your prayers:  Thank God for Judah's continually improving health; Pray for the drought here in Maun and in the rest of Botswana; Praise God for his work among the Bakgalagari and Bayeyi. Pray that their desire for his word would continue to grow; Pray for the Bible Society of Botswana, as they go through some organizational changes; Pray that God would continue to provide for our ministry through partners like you.  





National Disaster Response Conference - Oct. 2–4, Concordia Seminary, St. Louis.  The 2019 LCMS National Disaster Response Conference, “Joy:fully Lutheran in Midst of Disaster,” will be held at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, from Oct. 2–4.  Register now and join us to hear from pastors, disaster response coordinators and other experts about practical ways to love and serve people whose lives have been ripped apart by catastrophe.  Spouses are invited to attend, and registration is $50 per person. Meals are included.





Sunday, July 7,  2019. Worship: 8:00 am: 78 10:30 am: 138  Tithes and Offerings Given: $6,423.00 Needed Weekly on Average to Meet Budget:$6,316.00.  Average Offering Needed per Family per Week: $22.72.  ALMOST THERE!  FINISH THE SANCTUARY / SANCTUARY PEW FUND

Would you like to see the sanctuary filled to the back wall with pews?  If so, consider donating to the Sanctuary Pew Fund.  In order to purchase the remaining eight pews and to re-upholster the current ones, it will cost $2,838 per pew.  Our goal is $23,000, and as of June 21, God has blessed us with $20,245.66. For more info:  Kyle Brasch at 402.432.8467


Are you looking for a way to help at church and make some money at the same time? We are looking to fill positions for a new custodial staff at Peace Lutheran. Mandie and Kevin Oliver will be stepping away near the end of summer and, after seven years of service, I plan to retire as lead custodian. If you are self-motivated, reliable, and would have a sense of pride in keeping your church clean, this is for you!!  With our current schedule we clean on Wednesday night, Friday night/ Saturday morning, and rotating Sundays – a total of about 3-5 hours a week. (PBECC cleans the other half of the week).  We need three persons at least 18 years old. Couples/family are welcome to apply. Please contact Pastor Wheeler (402-786-2345) or Marilyn Ash (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 402-319-8684).  HOPE TO HEAR FROM YOU SOON!!!!



 Kayla Baker, Director

Our Mission

To bring families to Jesus by providing a high-quality, Christ-centered preschool and child care experience for the families of our community.  We will partner with families to give their children the early Christian education and loving care they need.

For more information: or 402.786.2345 



PBECC collects box tops!  We have been able to buy scooters, toddler bikes, and much more.  If you would like to donate them to PBECC, you can drop them off at Peaceful Beginnings from 6:30am to 6pm Monday through Friday or under the office door.  Thanks for supporting PBECC!



Is God calling you to pour into the lives of children and their parents?  If so, we are looking for:  Lead Teachers, Subs, and Teacher Assistants.  Please call with questions at 402-786-2345, ext. 103, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for an application.





The Elders of Peace will be reaching out to, and praying specifically for, six families each week.  Prayer is a key ingredient to the healthy life of every Christian, and we want that for the people of Peace.  Whether through email, text, phone call, or personal visits, we will be contacting you, asking for your prayer requests - thanks/praise, sorrows, concerns, or whatever is on your heart.  If you’d like to visit in person, we will gladly coordinate a visit.  If you would, please review your contact information in the most recent directory to ensure that it is up to date.  Send any updates to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or leave a voicemail for Megan  at 402.786.2345.