How I will serve the Lord and His people at Peace in 2020

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Check all that apply You will not be automatically placed on a team that you were on last year. So please sign up to serve this coming year!

“Each one must give as he has decided in his heart…” 2 Corinthians 9:7

Life is full. I get it. In the course of each day, there are many things that must be decided A.S.A.P. So when I don’t have to make a decision on something, I don’t. It’s refreshing.

But in my sinfulness and hectic schedule, sometimes I’m tempted not to make one decision that God calls me to make; He calls each of us to “decide in his/her heart” what we must give to the work of the Lord.

Thankfully, we can do this with joy, because whatever you decide to give is already His. All that you are, and all that you have is His already. How much you decide in your heart to give is simply a response to His great love for you, ultimately in what He’s done – and is doing – for you through His Son, Jesus Christ.


Serving at Peace
First Impressions Team

Ushers and greeters give our guests their first impressions of Peace. If you care about how good that impression is, please consider serving on this team!


If you enjoy singing praises to God at the 8:00 a.m. service, please consider joining Peace’s adult choir. “Sing a new song unto the Lord…”
Leader: Julie Wilshusen

Special Musicians
If you play an instrument and/or would like to sing a solo or in small groups to provide special music during worship services, please consider serving in this way!
Leader: Julie Wilshusen

Hearts Rejoicing Praise Team
This group of singers and instrumentalists practices twice a week and leads worship songs for Peace’s 10:30 a.m. worship service. They also share God’s Word through music at some outside events, such as the July 4th parade, the Halloween Hotdog Outreach, and other “gigs” from time to time.
Leader: Tom Salistean

If you play an instrument and would like to play it to God’s glory a few times a year, please check this box!
Leader: Joe Albright

Do you play the organ? Do you have experience leading God’s people as they sing to Him? Please let us know!
Leader: Julie Wilshusen

Sunday Morning Childcare

Individuals who serve our congregation’s families by providing childcare on Sunday mornings, Wednesday evenings, and other special events.
Leader: Leah Rasmussen

Altar Guild

This is the group who manages the elements of worship, such as communion, flowers, candles, banners, baptism, and chancel furnishings. If you enjoy working behind the scenes to set up things that are visible in the chancel/stage areas, this would be a fulfilling service role for you.
Leader: Robin Kuhlmann

Media Team

Sound, lighting, and video enhance our worship services. If you like to work with technology and realize how environment can impact a worship experience, this is the team for you!
Leader: Bryan Robinson

Drama Team

God’s truth can be communicated through drama in a way that enhances the preached Word. If you like to act, consider using your drama talent for the Lord.
Leader: Faith Nimtz

Wedding Coordinator

Coordinators handle many of the details of our weddings at Peace, working with Pastor, the couple, the wedding party, and even… the mother of the bride.
Leader: Marlene Walker


I would like to serve through the Worship Ministry in this way: 

Sunday School

9:15 a.m. every Sunday between the 8:00 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. worship services. Sunday School for all ages provides a wonderful opportunity for fellowship and ministry. If teaching God’s Word with the help of a published curriculum is something you’d like to try, become a Sunday School teacher! You won’t regret it.

Peace University (Adults)
Adult Study Leader
Adults - Live, laugh, love and learn as you connect with brothers and sisters in Christ. A variety of different class topics and courses are available to grow and strengthen your faith.

Peace Kids
All children ages baby and up gather to learn about Jesus and make friends. We strive to partner with parents to guide their children in a growing relationship with Christ. 
Leader: Diane Merrill

Peace Academy Mid-week

6:30PM-8:00PM every Wednesday during the school year. If partnering with parents in guiding children as they grow in faith is a passion of yours, we would be delighted to have you as a Peace Academy teacher! Grades 2 through 8 (or beyond) - grow stronger in their faith, family and friendships through Bible and catechism study and discussion. Peace Academy helps them navigate through the challenges they face and equips them to impact others for God’s glory. 
Leaders: Pastor, Stacey Peplinski

Vacation Bible School

Be a missionary in Waverly! VBS is a week of summer fun, music, crafts, friends and learning about salvation in Jesus! Children 4 years old through 6th grade are encouraged to attend. If you are blessed with a musical, craft-creative, or teaching talent, there are many opportunities available for you during this ministry!
Leader: Faith Nimtz

Peace Historian(s)/Librarian(s)

Do you like history? Would you like to help Peace organize and chronicle our history and library? If so, check this box! 
Leader: Open


I would like to serve through the Education Ministry in this way: 

Food/Hospitality Ministry

Would you like to help provide food for Sunday morning fellowship times and/or for Supper Express on “Wednesday Night Live”? If so, this ministry team is for you!
Leader: Teresa Greve

Small Groups Ministry

“Doing life together” is what small group ministry is all about. Some groups get together to study the Bible, while some are more “affinity groups” that get together around a common interest (like couponing or horseback riding). Go deeper in relationship with a few of your brothers or sisters in Christ. Join or start a small group!
Leader: Open

Men's Ministry

The men of Peace strive to encourage each other in their God-given roles of leadership and service. 
Leader: Luke Ropte

High School Youth Ministry

This is our youth group experience for our high school members and their friends. Activities, servant events, Bible study, youth gatherings, and friendship! Wednesday evenings and Sunday Suppers at 6:00 are the main events, but don’t forget high school Sunday school on Sunday mornings, and other events throughout the year! 
Leaders: JJ Kleinbeck, Josh Muench

Middle School Youth Ministry

Middle school can be an awkward time. But it’s always better with friends! Develop relationships with other middle school Christians and learn to serve our Savior and enjoy times of fellowship. 
Leaders: Jenny Hollibaugh, Shavon Rosenthal 

Senior Adult/Retiree Fellowship Ministry

Construct a cornerstone in faith by studying Scripture and its application to the Christian life. Fellowship events throughout the year help to enhance relationships with others in the same stage of life.
Leader: Open

Prayer Ministry

This is Peace’s “prayer chain” who commit to praying for those who request prayer. They also seek to investigate ways to encourage prayer as part of the fabric of Peace culture, both for individuals & for groups.
Leaders: Anita Retzlaff, Dennis Bauer

Barnabas for New Members

Helping new members connect relationally during their first year at Peace can be fulfilling for you, and so helpful to them!
Leader: Open


I would like to serve through the Fellowship Ministry in this way:

M25-Welcome the Stranger/New Neighbor Outreach

(“M25” is from Matthew 25)
Each new resident of Waverly receives a personal visit to welcome the “home”. Would you like to help him? 
Leaders: Pastor, Marcia Herring


Promoting the congregation through outreach events & media advertising in order to create continual awareness of our congregation to the community. 
Leader: Open

Peace for Life Team (Pro-Life issues)

 Actively engaging the culture to value life from the moment of conception to the time of natural death, and all points in between. This group communicates the Biblical pro-life position and supports other organizations that do as well.
Leader: Open

Missions Team

This team is for those who have a passion for people who do not have a personal relationship with God through His Son, Jesus. We reach out to those who are in need physically and spiritually in order to have the opportunity to share the Gospel message through which the Holy Spirit works to bring them to faith.
Leader: Mike Herring

M25-Feed the Hungry

 (“M25” is from Matthew 25), This team provides food to the Waverly Food Pantry and other agents who serve the hungry. 
Leader: Candy Pedersen

M25-Visit the Sick

Visiting shut-ins is a command from our Lord (Matthew 25). Would you like to be on the visitation team?
Leader: Dave Nielson

M25-Clothe the Naked

Jesus said, “I was naked and you clothed you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.” (Matthew 25)
Leader:  Shannon Bliss

M25-Comfort the Prisoner

Jesus said, “I was in prison and you came to me.” (Matthew 25)
Leader:  Luke Ropte

Special Events Coordinator

Do you like to help with party details? If so, you may enjoy serving on Special Events Team! You would work with the liaison of groups leading them through the facility rental information, be on-site for a few minutes at the beginning and end of the events, and be “on call” during events.
Leader: Marilyn Ash

Health Ministry

A group of medically-trained and qualified professionals who provide wellness services to congregation members such as blood pressure checks, blood drives, and speakers on health topics. They also coordinate the purchase and maintenance of first aid and medical equipment for our facility.
Leader: Open

Worship DVD Team

Our worship services are video recorded for those who would like to view later.
Leader: Marge Rader

Funeral Luncheon Team

A service group who provide lunch to grieving families on the day of the funeral of their loved one.
Leaders: Dixie Janssen, Ginny Oliver

Christmas Cheer Baskets

 Gift baskets of food & snacks are assembled and given to our shut-ins and senior citizens in the celebration of Christ's birth.
Leader: Lanel Fenster

Operation Barnabas

Operation Barnabas needs energetic members with a heart towards caring for our local military members and first responders. We are part of a larger, specific Synod mission; we are starting up a Chapter with two or three other Lincoln LCMS congregations. We intend to again serve "thank you meals" to our Sheriff's office and Fire Department, and we could definitely benefit from your ideas for more ways to serve. Join us? 
Leader: Brec Wilshusen

Other Service Ministry

I would like to serve through the Service Ministry in this way: 

Interior Design

This team creates and helps maintain a unified “look” for our facility’s interior. If you are artistic in this way, consider joining! 
Leader: Patti Haertel

Grounds Team

Mowing Team, Nick Heitman-Leader
A great way to serve the Lord with your hands outdoors! Mowing and the sprinkler system maintenance are all responsibilities of the mowing team.

Landscape Team, Nick Heitman-Leader
Do you like to beautify a yard using God’s elements of creation? Then you’d enjoy serving on Peace’s Landscaping Team! As part of this ministry, you would serve the church by planting (and transplanting) shrubs, flowers and other items in accordance with the Landscaping Master Plan, removing/killing weeds from beds and parking lot, and adding touches to enhance the look of our three acres.

Building/Maintenance Team

Where the Grounds Team maintains the exterior of our three acres, the Building Maintenance Team concentrates on the interior. They advise church leaders on maintenance issues, install new equipment and furnishings, and make needed repairs. “If you’re not growing, you’re dying”, and thanks be to God, Peace is growing! While we may not be building at the current time, we will again in the future, as the Lord directs. If this interests you, and you have experience in this area, this is for you! 
Leaders: Gary Walker, Kyle Brasch, Mike May

Offering Counter Team

Those who serve on this team do so on a monthly rotation, counting and depositing offering after worship services. 
Leader: Ryan Sander

Website Team

Do you have experience hosting a web page? Then you would be a valuable member of the website team!
Leader: Roxanne Paulsen 

Endowment Fund Committee

 Meeting four times a year, this group manages and distributes the earnings of Peace’s endowment fund. We will soon begin helping Peace members with estate planning as well. It’s truly the gift that keeps on giving.
Lori Curtis-Chair Person

C.O.R.P.S. (Corp of Retired Persons)

 Would you like to be "on-call" during the days (only when you're available, of course) for small projects that need done quickly at church? Typically, these involve repairing property items, but could be other things as well. If so, sign up for CORP!
Leaders: Dave Neilson, Glenn VonKampen, Jeff Kuhlmann

Other Stewardship Ministry

I would like to serve through the Stewardship Ministry in this way: